The Public Auto Auction
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The Public Auto Auction

Over 700 cars and trucks to choose from

Auction Starts Monday the and ends Sunday the at 5:00 pm


Frequently asked Questions

Prior to Sunday's auction, we encourage you to visit the dealership to test drive any automobiles you are interested in. No sales will be final until the selling dealership inspects your trade-in and you both agree on a final selling price and terms. Please call our main office with any questions. 217-937-1000

How will I know if I got the car bought?

If you end the auction as the high bidder, your bid amount will be submitted to the selling dealership. At that time, they will notify you if your bid meets their minimum selling price. This may depend on your trade-in value and pay-off balance.

What if I have a trade-in?

You can Enter Your Car's information and conduct your own research using Consumer Reports or Kelley Blue Book. Also, you can request a trade-in appraisal by taking your car to the selling dealership.

What if I need financing?

All dealers offer financing; rates vary depending on your credit score. Please Rate Your Own Credit (Excellent), (Good), or (Average). This is optional.

If I am the high bidder on a car and the selling dealer accepts my offer, am I bound by law to purchase the car?

No, you are not, nor is the seller bound to sell you the car. All transactions details must be agreed to and finalized by both the buyer and the seller at the selling dealership.

What happens if my bid is accepted on a car later found to have mechanical issues?

There is no deal. All sales are approved only after the buyer test drives and agrees to the sale terms.

Will there be any hidden costs when I arrive at the selling dealership?

No, only the normal fees required: sales tax, title transfer, license plates, and doc fees.

If I make a mistake and make an offer on a car by accident, what can I do?

To cancel your bids, click the "X" in the upper right-hand corner of the vehicle in your watchlist.

When do I make payment and take ownership of the vehicle?

All transactions are open until completed at the physical location of the selling dealership. After you have inspected the car you are buying, and the selling dealership has inspected your trade-in and approved your credit (if applicable).

When a dealer quotes me a trade-in value, is that quote good for every unit at the dealer's location?

In most cases, yes. However, some cars' estimated trade-in allowance may vary. It would be best if you asked them about that.

What if I am the high bidder and the amount is less than the seller wants to accept?

The seller will make a counteroffer. You have the right to accept their offer or negotiate.

When should I go to the dealership to complete the transaction if I am the high bidder?

The dealership will correspond with you by email or phone regarding an appointment time and a person you are to see at the dealership.

Can I test drive and purchase a vehicle before bidding in the auction?

Yes, print the unit detail page. It contains all the necessary information to visit the dealership for a test drive before the auction starts. Further you may make an offer to purchase prior to the auction. No appointment is necessary.

Are these cars sold with a warranty?

All vehicles are subject to the manufacturer's warranty. Discuss any additional warranties with the dealership.

What do the red color fonts mean on the auction consignment page?

The red color means the unit was posted for sale today.

If I want to bid on more than one vehicle, is that okay?

Yes! It is okay to bid on more than one vehicle. This gives you an option as to which car you prefer to purchase when the auction ends. You are never obligated to buy a car you were a high bidder on. All sales transactions must be agreed to and completed at the selling dealership.