Polen's BuyBid is always looking for ways to assist our Buyer's.

This is our newest program that allows you to search our new car dealers aged inventory that is mostly retail ready and serviced. You must make offers based on the current MMR or Black Book.... then set back and let us go to work for you. Normally we'll get 25% of all Fair Offers bought. Low-ball offers will not be accepted.

Please do not use our system to shop units outside our auction. We track each dealers unit views. Thanks for your cooperation in this matter.

Thanks, Steve Polen

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions you might have

  1. What if I have a trade-in or need financing?
    Enter your trade-in information and you rate your credit as (Excellent), (Good), (Average), or (Poor). This information is then sent to the selling dealership where you are bidding. The selling dealership will give you an ESTIMATED trade-in allowance and payment terms based on the info you provide and reserve price
  2. If I Make an Offer on a car and my offer is accepted by the selling dealer am I bound by law to purchase the car?
    No, you are not
  3. What happens if my auction bid is accepted on a car that is found to have issues that were not described in the listing before I made the auction bid?
    You will not be expected to purchase the unit. The seller is expected to represent the vehicle fairly. If the seller has not represented the vehicle fairly, the sale can be terminated by you.
  4. Will there be any hidden costs when I arrive at the selling dealership?
    No, only the normal fees required tax, title, license and dock fees.
  5. If I make a mistake and make an offer on a car by accident, what can I do?
    If you make a mistake please call 217-937-1000 leave a message and we will cancel your bid and notify the dealer of the error.
  6. When do I make payment and take ownership of the vehicle?
    All transactions are open until completed at the physical location of the selling dealership. After you have inspected the car you are buying, and the selling dealership has inspected your trade-in (if applicable) and approved your credit (if applicable); you may finalize the transaction and take ownership of the unit.
  7. When a dealer quotes me a trade-in value, is that quote good for every unit at the dealer's location?
    No, Your estimated trade in allowance may vary from vehicle to vehicle and is only good for the vehicle you are bidding on.
  8. What if I am high bidder and the amount is less than the seller's reserve price?
    The seller may decide to make a counter offer to you or accept your lower offer. If the seller chooses to make a counter offer, you have right to accept their offer or negotiate.
  9. When should I go to the dealership to complete the transaction if I am high bidder?
    The dealership will correspond with you by email as to an appointment time and a person you are to see at the dealership. If they cannot contact you the car maybe sold to someone else.
  10. Can I test drive a vehicle before bidding in the auction?
    Yes, the unit detail page contains all of the necessary information needed to contact the dealer for a test drive prior to the auction.
  11. What fees do I pay the auction when I purchase a unit?
    It's free, you do not pay any type of transaction fees for using our services.
  12. Can I report a dealer or individual that has treated me unfairly?
    Yes, we openly encourage you to utilize the comments tool of this website. Your feedback will become a part of the seller's profile and will help the best sellers shine.